Real-time means real productivity

About NOW Solutions

NOW Solutions, Inc. is the U.S. leader in complete positioning solutions for the commercial cargo transportation market. NOW's marine terminal product tracks containers, chassis, and vehicles as a transparent by-product of yard activity. Neither error-prone human data input nor expensive container or chassis instrumentation is required.

Contact us to find out how NOW's system integrates with existing planning systems to raise the bar for container tracking performance. The new standard is not just fast, not just accurate, but truly real-time tracking where container locations are updated in inventory in step with real physical-world movement. Because real-time means real productivity.

Automatic Inventory Tracking

unit What does it mean "to track containers and chassis as a transparent by-product of yard activity?" It all starts when NOW's system dispatches a work instruction to the operator of a vehicle in the cargo yard. On the in-vehicle display, the vehicle operator can read the work instruction along with a graphical map truck
Interactive Tour 
showing where the relevant container is in the yard. As the driver operates the vehicle, NOW's vehicle instrumentation tracks where it goes, what it picks up, and where it moves. Whether or not the driver actually performs the work as planned, NOW's system updates the yard inventory to reflect what really happened without any user input required from the driver. As containers are shuffled in grounded stack locations, moved on chassis and carts in wheeled parking locations, and discharged or loaded back from vessels or rail, NOW's system knows what happens to each container and chassis.