NOW Solutions, Inc. is the U.S. leader in complete positioning solutions for the commercial cargo transportation and military markets. Founded in 1991, NOW is a team of Silicon Valley engineers with the experience necessary to fashion cutting-edge technology into useful solutions. Customer-driven development has evolved products enabling real-time positioning where container locations are updated in inventory in step with actual physical-world movement.

NOW's marine terminal product is called RTACTCS, which stands for Real-Time Automated Container Tracking and Control System. RTACTCS tracks containers, chassis, and vehicles as a transparent by-product of yard activity. Neither error-prone human data input nor expensive container or chassis instrumentation is required. As the driver operates his vehicle, NOW's vehicle instrumentation tracks where he goes, what he picks up, and where he moves it.

Software engineering and positioning technology leadership are only half the story. Our products were born and bred in the unforgiving environment of marine container yards. Our container handling equipment instrumentation's accuracy and ruggedness is unsurpassed.